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  • Access to over 1,000 archival reports
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  • Archival Reports

    Thousands of archival reports are now available. Uncover problem areas, possible solutions, voir dire questions, psychological perspectives, legal perspectives, heuristics and more!

  • Successful Guide to Trial Consulting

    This section provides the nuts and bolts of the NEWEST AND INNOVATIVE focus group planning and administration in a complete and successful guide. This guide is available in a "How To" format.

  • Post-Verdict Interview Questions

    I4TC database contains Post Verdict Interview forms, responses & more, that are used to garner and collect valuable information from actual jurors post-trial.

  • Witness Works

    Access documents from our Witness Preparation Notebook. Among these documents are sample evaluation forms, articles written by Dr. Singer on the subject of Witness Preparation, sample witness preparation reports, to properly prepare witnesses for trial.

  • Social Psychology Research Resources and Case Strategy

    Social Psychology is a vast collection of real-world case studies that often prove to be extremely valuable when working on new cases as a trial consultant.